«Usual Objects» aims to consider the familiarity of domestic products, the sociable or animal properties that we can project on them, with a kind regard, inspired by the novel «Gros Calin» from Romain Gary.
In this furniture and home device family, each member tries to stand out among its peers, by being mischievous, ingenious, or friendly and singular.
Therefore, we can observe :

«Larry», a lighting sculpture, composed with 3 flexleds getting through one-way mirror polygons.
Placed on a socle that gently pivots, «Larry» is in constant motion, showing a different face anytime we look at him. A game of sandblasted glass and mirrors scrambles the understading of its inner geometry. It takes time to read in «Larry», this tormented and mysterious soul...

«Ginger» is four seats bench, carved into polystyrene.
Yet it may seem clumsy, and cantilevered, it is very stable and resistant due to its fiberglass cover.
We can rely on «Ginger».

«Christine» claims herself as a warm and welcoming presence at home and aim to be at the same time friendly as a pet and functionnal as a product.
She’s a cuddly toy like lamp, made out faux-fur with very soft coat and flexible Led.

«Kim» is a console table made out dark and sandblasted glass.
The designer’s right hand, molded into plaster, holds a spirit-level that indicates if the console is flat.
The feet are ajustable to rectify any plan problem.
«I am stable and balanced» Kim says.

«Les jumeaux» (the twins) are a mobile speaker made in two parts. During transportation, the two velvet sheathed hulls are magnetized.
Once arrived you can separate the twins to enjoy a stereophonic listening.
On top of each speaker, a groove is carved into polished brass to place a usb cable.
“Usual objects”
L’Antenne, Saint-Etienne, France.

Photos credits :
Massimo Pessina

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